4 Priorities for Truck Maintenance

683384812 Auto mechanic car truckCompanies in need of equipment transport all over the country are discovering the benefits of the Retriever system and are enjoying the savings it brings. However, we know all too well that there’s more to lowering costs in the transport industry than just having the latest, top-of-the-line trucks. Those trucks also have to be properly maintained. Here are our top suggestions for prioritizing your truck maintenance and keeping your truck running smoothly.

Radiator Inspections
Large trucks naturally need larger, more powerful engines, which tend to generate heat. Since you’re not going anywhere without your engine in good shape, make sure that you get the radiator inspected regularly so it can keep your engine cool.

Tire Pressure
While no one would make the mistake of transporting heavy equipment on flat tires, there’s a more subtle way your tires can have an impact. Having the right tire pressure can either really help or really harm your fuel efficiency, and the lifetime of your tires. Managing them carefully will help you save on gas and tire costs, which is no small feat with large trucks.

Fuel Vent
Depending on how frequently you transport equipment, there may be periods in which your truck is parked for extended periods. If so, check the fuel vent before taking to the road again, as that area is a common place for pests to try building nests. If it goes unnoticed, it can lead to serious engine problems.

Grease Your Loading System
In most transport trucks, a hydraulic system is used for loading and unloading. The Retriever uses pneumatics, making it more efficient, but no less important to maintain. Regular greasing will help keep those parts moving smoothly and your loading and unloading operations faster than ever.

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