Enhanced Safety

The Chance to Reduce Your Workers Compensation Costs

Work sites are not always ideal for delivering or picking up heavy, industrial equipment. On-the-job injuries can easily occur, and when they do, they present a major business expense.

Retriever is designed and built to limit the potential for workplace injury

Low Deck Height

Many injuries occur through the simple act of climbing on or jumping off the truck deck. When loading or unloading, Retriever's deck sits very low to the ground (as little as 17", depending on the chassis to which it's mounted).

It's also easier, and therefore safer, to secure equipment that is within easy reach while standing on the ground.

When elevated into transport position, Retriever maintains an extremely low center of gravity. The truck is more stable on the roadway, and uneven road surfaces.

Horizontal Loading Surface

The Retriever's deck doesn't move front to back. The surface on which the transported equipment is parked remains virtually parallel to the ground throughout the operation. The operator can work comfortably and safely, standing straight up.

The Industry's Shallowest Ramp Angle

Retriever's multi-position ramp can achieve a load/unload angle between 10.8º and 14º, again depending on the chassis. Such a gentle incline gives the operator a good view of the deck's surface, limiting the potential for drive-on accidents. It also reduces the likelihood that a piece of equipment could "get away" from an operator while it's being unloaded.

It's easier and safer to winch disabled or underpowered equipment, particularly using the remote control capability, when the incline is shallow allowing the equipment to maintain more of its horizontal stability.

40-Tie Down Locations, with Chain Storage

There are tie down locations on each side of Retriever as well as front and back, plus optional slots in the center of the deck, plus chain storage at both the front and rear end. Making it easy for the operator to do the right kind of job helps ensure the job will get done right.

Non-Skid Epoxy Deck Surface

Standard on every Retriever is an advanced long-lasting coating that provides a high-traction surface, improving operator footing in dewy or rainy weather or when the operator's boots or the work surface itself become muddy. In addition, Up-N-Atom will also customize Retriever with optional grouser bars.

Cab Protection

A 1/4" high strength, high yield steel bulkhead guards the cab, while providing a good "rear view".

Steps and Grab Handles

To make access to Retriever's deck even easier, optional Steps and Grab Handles are available.

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