Greater Flexibility

One Retriever Can Do the Work of Several Different Types of Trucks

Reduced Investment in Hauling Equipment Plus Lower Operating and Maintenance Costs

Retriever offers a unique combination of lighter weight and extendability. You can haul different kinds and sizes of equipment with a single Retriever. Vehicle utilization improves. Revenue per mile increases. Margin expands. Replacement and upkeep costs diminish. Profits grow.

Lacking the Weight of a Hydraulic System, Retriever Can Haul More

Since Retriever doesn't have to carry around hydraulic pumps, lines, valves and an over-sized chassis, it can carry more equipment weight, letting you add larger, heavier units to the list of equipment a single Retriever can haul.

Ramp Can Serve as a Deck Extension

Locked in a horizontal position, Retriever's Multi-position Ramp can support up to 8,000 lbs. This effectively extends Retriever's deck length by up to four (4) feet, permitting you to haul longer equipment that would otherwise require more expensive flatbeds. In addition the extended ramp is 10 inches lower than the center of the main deck, allowing certain equipment (e.g.; rubber tired loader backhoes or boom lifts equipped with jibs) to be transported on the Retiever when it would otherwise be over-height on comparable rollback trucks.

Ground Level or Loading Dock

Retriever's industry-low ramp angle (10.8º to 14º) permits safer operations on more acutely angled sites than is advisable with ramps having steeper angles. You can deliver and recover more different kinds of equipment to/from more customer locations with a Retriever.

In addition, VersaTran offers an optional Dock Access Kit, consisting of heavy-duty support legs and "high lift" air springs. With the Kit, Retriever's ramp can be raised and held at varying dock heights allowing direct loading and unloading.

Winter-weather proof

No hydraulics means Retriever is unaffected by low temperatures. It can make deliveries in winter weather that has hydraulic units stuck in the shop. Being available to your customers on a more consistent basis builds their reliance on your services.

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