Greater Profits

How much can Retriever earn you?

Pay a little more for a Retriever truck bed, and end up paying less for the truck to mount it on. In the final analysis, PAY LESS!!

The actual cost of a transport bed is the TOTAL of the bed's cost PLUS whatever extra you have to pay to upgrade the truck's chassis to accommodate the bed.

With Retriever, there are no chassis upgrade charges:

  1. There's no need for a second frame... because Retriever weighs less due to lack of hydraulic components.
  2. There's no need for a transmission upgrade, a PTO or Wet Kit to operate hydraulics. The savings on these two items can be up to $6,000.
  3. You may even be able to save additional thousands on the cost of the truck itself, since Retriever can carry larger, heavier loads on smaller trucks.

In addition... to these initial out-of-pocket savings, Retriever will reduce your operating expenses every time you use it, increasing its value on a day-to-day basis.

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