Improved Productivity

There are several ways Retriever can increase the profitability of your business:

Delivering Larger Equipment on Smaller Vehicles

You can move more different kinds of equipment easier, and for less, with Retriever.

If your delivery equipment options are only a semi-trailer and/or a rollback, you're often faced with the dilemma of too much or too little truck for the job. Retriever solves that problem because of it's ease of use and adaptability to a wide range or equipment.

Retriever's Unique Features

Since Retriever does not use hydraulics to move the deck or ramp, it's lighter, even though it's constructed of heavy gauge materials. The missing hydraulic system weight is available for payload, letting you haul heavier equipment on smaller trucks.

Retriever's multi-position ramp can be used to extend the effective length of the deck, allowing the handling of longer equipment.

The Financial Gain

Larger, heavier equipment generally produces greater rental income per delivery.

Smaller trucks can be driven by lower-paid, non-CDL drivers. (Retriever can haul up to a 11,000 lb. payload on a non-CDL truck, reducing your operating costs.)

The combination of increased revenue and lower cost per trip produces greater profits per trip.

Handling more Vehicles per Day

Retriever's Unique Features

Retriever is simpler and easier to operate than either rollbacks or trailers. (You don't have to be able to back up a trailer to use Retriever.)

Retriever can also handle more different kinds of equipment, so a Retriever can be busy more hours of the day.

Retriever can make either ground or dock level deliveries/pickups.

Due to its integral Rear Hitch, Retriever can trailer additional equipment when the deck surface is fully loaded, permitting higher revenue single-trip deliveries.

NOTE: Smaller, narrower equipment, such as scissor lifts, etc. can be loaded side-by-side on Retriever.

The Financial Gain

Driver/operators spend less time per delivery, meaning they make more deliveries per pay period, which both generates more revenue per period, and reduces the cost of each delivery.

Individual deliveries can involve multiple pieces of equipment, and/or larger equipment, increasing the revenue produced per delivery, and reducing the cost per dollar of revenue.

Each incremental delivery/pickup generates significant profit margins, since the only meaningful additional expense is fuel cost.

Operating One Vehicle Instead of Two or Three

Retriever's Unique Feature

Retriever's lower "empty" weight and greater operational flexibility lets you handle more, different kinds of equipment with a single vehicle.

The Financial Gain

You have to buy and maintain fewer pieces of hauling equipment

There are fewer "idle" hours per piece of hauling equipment, which reflects an increase in the overall profitability of your hauling operation.

Depending on the range of equipment you handle, you may not have to employ people with specialized skills who utilize those skills only infrequently, reducing head count and overhead expenses.

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