Less Down Time

Retriever Will Earn You More, Because Retriever Can Work More Hours

The other benefit from Retriever's reduced maintenance costs is increased "up time", and a higher up time percentage translates into increased incremental revenue, reduced operating costs and a stronger competitive position due to enhanced reliability.

Retriever is simply available for work more hours of more days than any unit requiring even modest upkeep.

Retriever has so few moving parts there is virtually nothing that can wear out. Retriever is built from such heavy gauge materials, there is virtually nothing that can be broken in normal use.

Winter-weather proof

No hydraulics means Retriever is unaffected by low temperatures. It can make deliveries in winter weather that has hydraulic units stuck in the shop. Being available to your customers on a more consistent basis builds their reliance on your services.

Idle Time is Almost as Expensive as Down Time

Retriever's ability to handle more different kinds of equipment means you have fewer vehicles to buy and maintain... and fewer sitting around, eating up profits, waiting for something that only they can haul.

With Retrievers in your fleet, you can reduce the number of overall vehicles, and keep the vehicles you do have running for more hours of more days.

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