Lower Maintenance Costs

Depending on the type of equipment you're presently using for transport, Retriever can save from $1,500 to $3,000 annually per vehicle in maintenance expenses. Some of the reasons why:

Minimal Moving Parts

Depending on how you count, Retriever has one or two moving parts... and when there is so little that can go wrong, there is also very little that requires maintenance and repair... meaning the savings are substantial... an average of about $1,500.

In addition...

Without hydraulics, there is no fear of fluid leaks and spills, and the environmental clean up costs they can produce... a significant figure that's not included in the savings computation.

Fewer nicks and gouges mean little or no appearance upkeep

Retriever is finished with a combination of Sherwin Williams Kem-Flash Ultra Bond Primer and Kem 400 Enamel.

The epoxy ester primer is specially formulated for off-road equipment, so it can handle tough treatment. 400 Enamel is also a special purpose, high-gloss product formulated for metal applications.

Retriever can keep working, and looking good, for much longer than equipment that's more susceptible to rusting, so you spend less on vehicle upkeep... an amount not included in the $1,500 estimate.

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