No Idle System™ for Retriever

logo no idle 0001 colorStandard on all Retriever models, allows the already revolutionary truck bed to load and unload payloads up to 40,000 lbs. with the truck's engine turned OFF.

The No Idle System™ capability is only available on Retriever, because only Retriever uses the truck's air system – not hydraulics – to power its deck and ramp.

How the No Idle System Works

Once the compressor has filled the truck's tanks, it continues pumping until the 80-gallon No Idle System tank is filled to 120 psi. Under normal driving operations, it takes between four and six minutes to bring the No Idle System up to full pressure. There should never be a time when the tank isn't ready to power a full load/unload cycle.

When making pickups and deliveries, the truck's engine can be shut off while the No Idle System tank powers the deck and ramp. The tank's capacity can handle both the loading and unloading of a 36,000 lb. payload.

No Idle Results:

As much as a 95% reduction in truck idling time.

Operational savings of $1,440/yr or more (if only working an 8-hour day)

Which produces:

Significant Fuel Savings*... a profit boost that gets bigger every day.

Substantially Reduced Truck Emissions... and a great boost to your image as an environmentally responsible company.

Extended Emission System Maintenance Intervals... and a noticeable reduction in maintenance expense.

Extended Engine Life... and a reduction in capital equipment expenditures.

Fuel Savings of 400 gals/yr, based on typical operations during only an 8-hour workday.

"Improving the environment rarely includes the opportunity to also build the bottom line. With the No Idle System, that's exactly what happens... environmentalism with profit."?– Joe Simons, General Manager, Versatran, Inc.

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