Patented Bed Design

The Retriever’s curved deck creates the lowest loading angle of any similar low as 11° depending on the chassis being used.

The deck is constructed of 5/16" high strength steel, on the Heavy Duty and Super Duty models.

Because of the low angle and patented curved construction:

  • "Bottoming out" is eliminated when loading low ground clearance equipment.
  • Track mounted equipment can be loaded without damage from "breakover" as experienced with flat hinged decks.
  • Powered equipment can normally be driven aboard. This dramatically increases loading speeds by eliminating time consuming winching, thereby reducing overhead costs while increasing revenue and margin opportunities.
  • Steep loading angles, putting equipment at or above operator head level, are a thing of the past, greatly increasing safety and reducing the likelihood of equipment damage and expensive workers compensation accidents.

The addition of only one revenue-producing trip per day can generate incremental revenue ranging from $15,000 to $23,000 annually.

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