The Lo-Rider™ Deck

logo lo rider 0001 colorExclusive Lo-Rider™ Deck Gets Farm Equipment Under More Bridges and Overpasses

Versatran, Inc. has made transporting larger agricultural equipment easier and safer with the addition of the exclusive Lo-Rider Deck option to the many other unique features of the revolutionary Retriever truck bed.

Increased Hauling Flexibility versus Rollbacks and Flat Beds

The full width well at the front of the patent pending Lo-Rider deck sits 10" below Retriever's already low standard deck height. This permits much larger equipment to safely clear most bridges and overpasses than could be hauled by a rollback or flat bed.

In addition, by lowering the center of gravity on taller loads, Lo-Rider increases over-the-road stability and handling safety.

Retriever’s industry-low ramp angle make loading large equipment faster and easier, particularly when compared to flatbed trailers. In addition, Retriever’s patented curved deck eliminates breakover damage.

The Retriever/Lo-Rider combination allows farm equipment haulers to substitute a more maneuverable straight truck for semi-trailers, increasing versatility, improving productivity, lowering operational costs and building profits.

Lo-Rider is a use-specific complement to Retriever's patented curved deck, which has the highest deck rating in the industry.

In addition the main ramp section can be locked in a horizontal transport position to add 4 feet of deck length when needed. Trailer hitches up to 20 ton capacity are also available, as are off-set hitches.

Lower Maintenance Costs in Addition to Increased Productivity

Retriever uses the truck's air system to power the deck and ramp rather than hydraulics, resulting in a heavy-duty product with very few moving parts. Anyone currently using rollbacks will experience dramatically reduced maintenance costs, no more environmental concerns over fluid spills and trouble free cold weather operations.

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